Sunday, August 31, 2008

The day after...

I slept until I could not sleep any more. I figure that since I had not gotten a call from the vet, Hank must be doing well. But, I could not stand it anymore,and even though I knew they would call eventually, I put in a call to the vet to check on him. She called me back and said he was doing very well. He was very alert, and begging for food. She said I should be able to take him home tomorrow, as I can do much of the post Op care needed at home. So in the AM, I have to get hubby at airport, and will swing by and visit Hank. if he indeed, looks good, I'll come back later to pick him up. The vet is actually amazed at hw perky Hank is feeling. it was really weird to not see him today, but I know he is in great hands, and I'll see him in the AM.

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