Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Home again

Hank home, and on grazing of 20 min. at a time again. Poor boy is gonna lose more weight, but don't want him to gorge himself. As it is, he can down alot of grass in 20 min! But he is in the stall tonight, where I can count poop piles, see that he goes pee, and look at water intake. He took a coupleBITES out of his salt block, and is drinking.Vet put him on sucralfate (Carafate) for possible colon ulcers. We have a 12 day supply. Then she is suggesting we try Succeed, some digestive stuff forhorses, to see if we can get him less gassy. But I need to read up on it, and ask questions.


Thankfully, no shots this time. I made an excel sheet where I log in what he eats when, how many poo piles I count at what time, and any other notations that seem relevant. I'm kind of jumpy about him now.

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