Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good boy, here is your mint

Hank is being a very good sport about his eye. Like before, he gets a peppermint after I put the medication in it. So, I go out to his stall, often at 3AM, and have the tube of medication in my hand. I have a peppermint unwrapped, and usually just hold it in my teeth. With left hand, I open eye lids, with right, squeeze medication in, and then hold eye lids closed a second, and then stuff peppermint under his lips, where ht gobbles it up. This stuff has to sting, as one has DMSO in it, to carry it into his eye. But he is so good. I am always amazed at what he will tolerate, and then he will spook at something like his lead rope. And since I am checking him so often, I chart how many piles he has done, clean his stall, and note any changes in him. So far, all seems to be working well in his digestion!

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