Monday, August 25, 2008

Take your medication like a good boy

Still pondering what could have caused his two colics. The vet suggested I feed him some mineral oil each day, to keep things going. But, after some discussion, because mineral oil will coat everything, and prevent nutrients and even fluids to be absorbed properly in his system, we decided on corn oil daily. Also, because he is on the oral medication for the possibility of colon ulcers, the mineral oil would prevent that from being processed in his system. The corn oil does not coat things the same, but will also help him get some of his weight back. Also I am feeding some ground flax seed to help with digestion. If it looks like he has not drank enough, I will add a bit of electrolytes to his mash, but I don't want his system to get dependent on them. Horses should get enough e'lytes in their normal diet to balance their system. Especially a horse who is not working hard, or sweating much, if any. With him on "lock down" a lot of the time, I can see how much he is drinking. When he is out in the small field I am constantly looking out to see what he is doing, and have seen him at the water trough.

Oh, and on the drugs he is on. They are a light blue pill, that dissolves super quick in water. I drop them in a large dose syringe, and then add water and shake. But often things clog, and when I take my finger off the end of the syringe, the drugs sometimes shoot out. I have pretty blue splatter of medication on me, on the bathroom counter, and even some on the mirror in the bathroom where I mix it. Thankfully it cleans up really easy. He takes the syringe like a good boy, no halter, just shoot it in his mouth. So some trips to the barn include oral drugs AND eye medications. Poor horse.

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