Sunday, August 3, 2008

Three piles

Have been keeping Hank in stall, giving drugs as prescribed, and watching him like a hawk. Only a horse person would be excited to see THREE piles of poop in his stall. Good boy! I have him out all day in the small 1/2 acre field grazing. It has been super hot here in Texas, and I worry about him not drinking enough again. Checking his hydration often, and giving him some super wet mashes. Everything looks normal, and I am guessing this was just a case of him getting dehydrated and his system out of whack. Frustrating to not be able to go to the Bryce ride, but the last thing he needs is to haul Hank over 1000 miles and then ask him to do 50's, when we are not sure what set him off on the colic. During one of his penicillin shots, I was pulling back every 3-4cc's to check for blood, and after about 15cc's, I pulled and the syringe turned pink. I pulled the whole thing out quickly. Scares me to death that I could hit a vein which could kill a horse if you shoot penicillin direct into a vein. Tomorrow is the last of the gentocin shots, and his catheter can be removed. One less thing to deal with.

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