Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Eye" need to see the vet

So Hank often has a squeenky eye. Ever since he had that fungus thing a few years ago, where I spent a week treating it every 3-4 hours, and then another week at the vet on an automatic pump putting medication in it 24/7. High winds can set it off, and bright sun. I had the vet look at it a couple months ago, to make sure all was well, and he said it looked great. The past week or so, it has been closed a lot more. Even at the vet they noticed it on the last colic visit, and I commented he is just like that at times. I have been rinsing it with some clear eyes, and tonight I see a white spot in the middle of it. I really do not think the spot was there yesterday. I am thinking maybe something hit it while trailering, since we have some open slats on the trailer. I need to remember to put his fly mask on every time we trailer. So, back to the vet tomorrow........

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