Friday, August 1, 2008

No Ulcers

The vet called, and he is feeling much better. They will scope him this afternoon for stomach ulcers, and I can bring him home this afternoon if all goes fine today. They let him graze a tiny bit yesterday afternoon, and he had a bit of oral water. They said he is VERY opinionated right now about those coming and going in the barn, and wants food. His stall is across from the feed room, and he lets anyone walking near it that HE wants them to give him some food! Some horses pop ulcers quickly. Some will pop them from the stress of being on a 24 hour fast before they scope. So, it will be interesting to see what the scope shows, as he would be the type to pop ulcers from the stress of all of this.

I asked about an X-Ray to see if they see a stone, as that is a method often used at the facilities in CA where they see a high number of entrotiths. (in fact, the number 1 reason for colic at one CA facility) . This vet does not have the right plate and high speed film to do that type of Xray, as they see so few stones in TX, they are not set up the same to look for them. The Vet was sounding positive about how he was feeling, but I still want to know "why" this happened.

I waited for the temps to cool down, and went down to get Hank in the evening. He is home now, and he is VERY hungry! I'm to not turn him out yet, and just hand graze him for 15-20 min. at a time for a couple days. I'll go buy more beet pulp tomorrow, and give him some more super wet mashes. I have him locked in the stall, with Gambler in the corral near him to keep him company. He looks sucked up like he just did a hard 100 miler, but very perky. The scope found NO ulcers. He is on Gentocin and Penicillin for a few days. They did both the tummy tap, where they stick a needle up into the girth area, draw off fluid, to see if it shows any toxins etc. So the drugs are to prevent infection from that, and the needle to let off the gas. She left the catheter in for me to give the gentocin. (another reason he is on lock down!) But right now, they have no idea why he coliced. And he is acting like nothing happened, and just wants FOOD. He must have heard my plans to go to the 5 day Bryce Canyon endurance ride, and decided the only way to get out of that was get sick, and spend the money.

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