Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arrived at CO ridecamp

Hank, Thelma and I arrived at our camp for the weekend a few hours ago.
I found a spot on the hill to park, and managed to get enough internet
service to send emails, so hopefully I can post to the blog that way
this weekend.

We are on a private ranch. Sort of a slight valley, with mountains all
around. The storm clouds have been passing by, and once and awhile I can
hear thunder. But so far, none of the storms have headed towards us. The
weather is such a nice change from the heat at home, with it being in
the upper 60's right now.

I am going to really watch things this weekend, and hope I don't get
altitude sickness again like I did at the last CO ride. Have been
drinking lots of water, and know the signs. Still not sure why I got it
again after not having issues for over 20 years. And also hope Hank has
better pulse readings this weekend. He too, is drinking lots f water! He
seems to prefer the CO water to the 100 gallons I hauled from home. Go

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