Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On the Road again

Hank, Thelma and I are loading up, and starting our trek to Durango CO this AM. Have an RV park with corrals to stay tonight. What a treat for Hank! And I can get some sleep, without him fussing that we need to get back on the road now! Then staying a night with some friends who moved from CA to CO for a night, before heading into camp. I got great detailed directions to camp, which included where to put the truck in to 4 wheel drive. lol Glad I have 4 wheel drive! I'll try to take photos of the road. I have heard it is interesting. Will blog when I can. but I am guessing the aircard will not be working at camp. Hank seems ready to take on this ride. I have wanted to ride this one for awhile now, as it sounds beautiful, and challenging. Our kind of ride!

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Tammy in TX said...

Good luck girl, you and Hank have a great ride!