Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've seen this road before

In the morning some time, I will load up Hank, Thelma, and head yet again, towards Amarillo. I am starting to memorize what small town follows the next along this road. Then after Amarillo we head northward across the corner of New Mexico, and on in to Colorado. I have a lay over arranged about 400 miles into this adventure. I will skip the kind of spooky fairgrounds we stayed at last time along this route, and instead, found a horse hotel, with a large corral for Hank. Then Thursday we will have a short day of 200 to 250 miles into camp.

This ride is near Westcliffe CO, and is on a private ranch. The ride has had maximum entries for weeks. My class, Open Heavyweight has about 15 entries! We will sure have our work cut out for us wit that many nice horses in the class. Hoping that Hanks higher pulse at the last CO ride was just getting to the higher altitude too early in the week. This ride I think is around the same altitude as the Colorado Springs ride. But I know I am going to watch for signs of altitude sickness with *me*, while I take note on his recoveries all weekend.

My hubby commented on how fit Hank looks. I have been trying to bring his weight back up some, as it drops from all the travels. He is sure not carrying much extra. Looks ready to hit the endurance trail.

This Saturday is the Tevis 100 mile ride out in CA. I would love to go back and give it another go. Hank got us our buckle on his first attempt in 2005. Then in 2006 he had a colic at around 60 miles. Never had any cases of colic before that. 2007 I went out and volunteered at the ride. The trail is one that calls me to come ride it again. Many never want to see it after riding it once, but I love the trail. I was looking up at the 1/2 moon tonight, thinking how it was developing into the full moon that will shine down from the sky during the ride, when so many riders are still out there trotting along through the darkness. Am thinking that maybe next year, I will head that way again. But this year, we are concentrating on the NATRC rides, and see where this journey takes us.

I doubt I will have internet at this ride, but if my aircard does work, I will of course post some.

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Tammy in TX said...

Good luck girl! And be careful.