Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hot, Horses, Fireworks and Lightning

Another blazing hot day in No. Texas. I got up before the sun did, caught Hank, and headed to the trails for a 10 mile ride. It was actually pretty nice out, with a nice breeze blowing, even though it was heading into the 90's before 10AM! Hank can be very difficult at times on our local trails, looking constantly down low on the ground for snakes. (I assume anyway) A deer came bounding out, leaping bushes, and jetting across the trails, and he does not blink. But a lizard ran through some leaves, and he jumped and snorted. He is bored with our trails, and looks for things to amuse himself. At times he can be exhausting. Thankfully at events, he does not do this stuff, and seems to enjoy new trails.

Tonight I have been watching radar, as we have a big ban of radar heading our way. I was hearing some booms, and thinking it was thunder, went outside. Instead, I saw the neighbors across the road were having a private fireworks show, and setting off all kinds of things that popped, boomed, and whistled. Behind the fireworks in the sky was the lightning of the approaching storm. Had never seen fireworks against a lighting storm sky, and wished I had a better camera to capture it, but my little saddle bag camera had to do.

All the while, the horses were near the fence by the house, happily munching away, and never flinched to all the noise of the fireworks. I guess no one ever told they that some people think they should be upset by it. Here is a photo of Flag, and the two Orbs in the sky were fireworks.

I used to show at the Los Angeles County fair, during the carriage horse show each year. One of the largest fairs in the nation. Each night, they set off a huge fireworks display from behind the barns. In fact, the bursted cases from the fireworks would land on the metal roof of the barn with a thunk. A few times I was actually hitched, heading towards the ring when they started, and my Arab never cared. I think it was mostly because *I* was not concerned. Often we can create fears in our horses, that they would not have otherwise.

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Tammy said...

We don't have rattle snakes here, but any snake is the devil in my book. My mom always said they were more scared of us than we were of them -- last year I caught sight of one slithering under my horse, so Mom lied! LOL!

Good luck at the CTR. I, too, have heard that area is beautiful. Looking forward to pictures!