Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Cowboy(photos added)

I had not originally intended to head to the ride in MO. But they needed riders, and the weather was going to be much kinder than typical July weather, and it seemed that my class was close to full, so that would mean better points than a not so full class. The rig was already packed. All I had to do was laundry, and load the horse! So, we set off at 7AM, after I had a good nights sleep. I was guessing it to be about a 13 hour trip. A breeze after driving the 850 miles home from Durango ;-) Hubby is home through Tuesday, so I did not need to bring the dog along. It really is easier to travel without her.New roads that I had not traveled on, so it was something new to see. Made a few stops for Hank to stand in the trailer and rest as I grabbed meals, fueled truck, had a nail taken out of a trailer tire at a tire shop. That sort of thing. (another case of seeing a low tire, and knowing it must have a nail in it)

We were through TX, OK and in to MO about an hour when some construction traffic had everyone stopping somewhat quickly. I got into the brakes, and had a very strange noise, shudder / vibration, and lack of braking. Got stopped for the traffic, and dove off the freeway at the very next exit. I was also having issues with the steering. Vibration, noise, and lack of steering! I have a Garmin NUVI GPS. I typed in the word FORD, and she showed me all businesses, starting with the closest, with FORD in the name. Just 10 miles away was a dealership. It was 5:05PM. I called, told them my issue, and would they PLEASE wait until I got there to take a quick look at the truck. No problem he said. (normally off work at 5:30) Thankfully the road was almost all straight, no stops until we got to the dealership. Pulled up, and he came out, looked at a few things, and said he thought it was the Hydroboost. They could work on it first thing in the AM. But now, what to do for the night as far as Hank and I ??? He mentioned a rodeo grounds about a mile away, that was actually having a rodeo. So, that is where we headed. Found an event'official' and he directed me to the contestants lot, where I could camp for the night. Hank is pastern deep in green grass, has his hay, water, and other horses around. He really was not super bothered by all the activities and noise, but more fascinated by it all.

He watched the horses warm up, the drill team pass by, and listened to all the noise, but was never upset.

He must think it is just a rather unusual ride camp. And I have a rodeo to check out!

So, in the AM, we head to the dealer, and they have a dirt alley I can park the trailer in, and unload Hank while they work on the truck. He hopes to have it done by noon, and they I have another 4 hours to the ride. And I had multiple offers from riders already at the ride, and some who live within an hour or so of my location to come rescue me if needed to get me to the ride. That was so very kind of everyone to do so. I prefer to not arrive Friday afternoon, but things will work out. I also had a friend tell me my truck was considerate. Had I been on the twisty, curvy road closer to camp and lost steering and brakes, it could have been really, really bad. Thank goodness it was on the freeway, traveling straight. My guardian angel is working over time!

Oh, and being a typical rodeo grounds, the train tracks run right behind it. Now THAT had Hank watching across the field to figure out what monster was passing by.

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Zephyr's Mom said...

WOW! Kudos to you and Hank for rolling with the punches!