Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, the truck had a bad power steering pump. Much better, and cheaper than the Hydro-boost. We arrived at camp, and I got all checked in etc. BUT, not far from camp, I noticed the truck was getting tough to shift. (manual transmission) I think that maybe the clutch master cylinder is going out. But I am going to enjoy the ride, and not fret about it until Sunday. I LOVE this truck, but dang it, what is up that it is all of a sudden getting 'sick' on me???

Will try to report this weekend. Slow internet, won't be any photos. Now I'm off to the rider meeting!

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Tracey said...

Poor truck says you are working him WAY TOO HARD...LOL.

Good luck to you and Hank this weekend, can't wait to read about your latest adventures.