Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Durango

Our second half of the 800 mile trek to the ride went well today. Not as hot, but still mighty warm out there across New Mexico. Saw some new countryside, and of course snapped some photos out the windshield, that may, or may not get posted eventually.

Arrived at my friends place, and Hank was happy to get out of the trailer, and actually SEE another horse that lives next door. He is now tied to his Hi-Tie, which is his home away from home, with Thelma nearby.

Had a nice sit down dinner in town, that did not involve cooking in the camper, and tomorrow AM I will head to camp. A stop at Wal Mart for provisions, and a fishing licence. I brought my fishing pole, so I hope those streams near camp have trout in them!

Might not hear from me until Sunday night. Will see if I can get the aircard to work.


~ C said...

When you have time, please drop by Go Diego Go! to pick up your Honest Scrap award.

MysteryTheMorab said...

I hope you are ok. Waiting for details from your ride...hope all went well.....