Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Decatur to Tucumcari

I gave Thelma her bath this morning(no one wants 80 pounds of stinky dog in the truck), Hank ate his sloppy mash, and we loaded up, and hit the road. Headed out only about 30 min. later than planned. Wanted to reach the RV park I was staying at by around 6PM. I have driven the road between home and Amarillo so many times now. Parts of it I enjoy, like the small towns we pass through, that seem lost in time, but the long stretches of "nothing" can sometimes be tiresome. As we got closer to Amarillo, I see some storm clouds to the west.

Maybe we will get a cold front, and some rain, to bring the temperature down some. It was pushing 95 to 100, and the a/c would only cool the inside of the truck to about 85.

I stopped at the truck stop for fuel, and did my normal walk around the rig to look things over. I see my right rear, outside tire is low. Upon checking it, the darn thing only had 40 pounds n it. So, I put air in, and found the closest Discount Tire, and told them I was heading their way. While I would love to support our local tire shop, I found because I travel so much, getting tires at a place like Discount, means they will fix what ever issues I have, with stores nationwide. So, I got there 30 min. before closing, and they found a big bolt in the tire!

They did a plug, and interior patch, and some kind of super sealant, and I was on my way again. And those storm clouds from above, passed to the north of us. Oh well.

Finally I reached out destination for the night, which is Empty Saddle RV park in Tucumcari NM. They have corrals, full RV hook ups, and easy to get to from the freeway. I got Hank settled in to a corral with food and water, ran and got me some food, and decided to do this quick update while I have internet. Even with the delay from the tire, I got here before the sun set, and we are all ready for a good nights rest.

Hopefully I can check in tomorrow when I get to my friends place in Durango.

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