Monday, September 1, 2008

Take me home!

I pick hubby up at airport, and go over by the vet to visit Hank, and see how he looks, and if indeed, he is ready to come home. He sees us pull up and lets out a whinny, ears up and looking alert over the stall door. I am told to take him grazing for about 20 min. They have already removed his IV fluids, and he is drinking from the bucket. More than happy to go eat some grass, and he drags all me around looking for the best stuff to munch on. Another horse who had her colic surgery the day before Hank, does not look near as good as he does, but her surgery was more complicated. I am amazed at just how good Hank is looking and feeling. Because it is yet another rather warm to hot TX day, we decide to wait until closer to sunset to come back to get Hank and take him home. As we leave, he is again begging for food to who ever will listen

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