Thursday, September 4, 2008

20 staples

Later this month Hank will be allowed to be turned out in about a 50x50 area. I decided to move the panels I have used for a round pen in the past, over near the house in the pasture, where the grass is good, and where I could look out of the house and see Hank. Also it is easy to run a hose to it for a water tub. Hubby and I took on the task, and both had ideas of the best way to move the panels, and how to set them up. After some mild difference in opinions in how to achieve the task, we got the new turn out set up, and ready when Hank is. I have started watering it some too, so I can get a bit more growth by the time he gets to be turned out. Until then, it is hand walking for his grazing.

Today I had to change the bandage. The vet said it really is a 2 person job, but hubby was gone, and after thinking about it awhile, I figured out how to change it by myself. Hank stood like a champ as I removed part of the old bandage. I was told that the incision might have some swelling, but as I removed the dressing, I found it looked REALLY good. He has 20 staples, that will come out in another week. No drainage, and it was super clean. Did you know Boric Acid (the powder some use to keep cock-roaches away) is a great antiseptic? I had to find some, and sure enough, it was in the bug spray area at Wal-Mart. It is to be sprinkled on the dressing pad I place against the incision. Then wraps run around his whole "middle" to hold everything in place. The wraps have a sticky backing, so he has residue on his hair, along with some pulled out when I change the bandage. But what a good boy to stand for all this.

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