Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post Op care

Still looks like he is feeling fine. I was told today he could look a tad dull, as it happens to some on the 3rd day, but never saw it. When I am heading out to the barn, he is always looking over the rail, waiting for someone to come visit, and greets me with a whinny. We don't have a true stall, but more of a shelter off the side of the barn, that we have added some plywood along 2 walls to help close it in. It is about 12x20, and he can see much of the pasture. It keeps the weather off the horses, and has worked well. In some cases, maybe better than a true stall, as it has such nice ventilation.

We did more grazing and walking in the pasture. He got his morning shots, and then later in the day, I noticed where he got the penicillin shot, it was hot, and sweaty. I feared an abscess was trying to start, so I put a call to the vet. It was suggested to ice it, and put DMSO on it. Later it was looking better, with less heat, so hopefully it will not break open. Poor horse. If it is not one thing, it is another. I had been watching all day for him to finally dirty his stall. I wanted to see that everything was working. So mid afternoon, I came in the house very excited telling hubby that Hank had pooped! While he was glad to hear it, his enthusiasm was not nearing as much as mine about the situation. Good boy Hank. You can make mom happy just by making a pile for her to clean up!

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