Monday, September 29, 2008

Graze Anatomy (the movie)

This was a big weekend for Hank. It has been a month since surgery, and he is finally allowed out in the big pasture with the other horses. I started with one of our very warm afternoons, where I hand walked him out to the others where they were grazing, and turned him loose, and he did not take off at a high rate of speed, but started grazing casually. Left him for most of the afternoon, and brought him back in that night, and fed him his hay, and had Gambler stay in with him. Next day, turned them both loose when the grey horses were not to far out in the field, and they cantered towards them, but did not have to go far, and again, started grazing. One more night inside, then this morning, I let he and Gambler out, and they took off a bit faster to head to the other horses. Then spent the day grazing. I took the little digital camera out, and took some videos of them after being turned loose, and grazing, and just being horses in the field. So good to see him back with the others.Not only so he can graze and move around, but for his mental state as well. We have some good grazing for maybe another month if we are lucky. After we get our first freeze, the pasture will all turn brown. They still seem to like to graze on it, but start seeking the hay bale more and more.

So, in the video clips, Hank has his fly mask on his face, Gambler is the dark bay with the two white hind socks, Toby is the white horse, and Rockhe is the flea bitten speckled grey. You can catch a glimpse of the neighbors donkey and maybe horses, next door in a couple shots.


Ice Pony Goddess said...

So glad that Hank is getting well. Reiki sent!!

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

I am so bloody jealous of that wonderful pasture for your horses. I have to be careful that my ponies don't EVER see this video. They think that they have it pretty good to be able to live outside of boxes, but if they ever saw all that room and grass, they'd be on the next plane to Texas.