Friday, September 5, 2008

You've got mail !

Hank is to have walks, along with his grazing. Getting the digestion going is the goal, and nothing like a good walk to do that. Of course when I decide we are to be walking, instead of grazing, it takes a few tries for Hank to understand this. Normally we saunter along, taking a few steps at a time, as he grazes along through the pasture. But when it is time to walk, is usually goes like this. I start leading him, and he is going along fine, until he thinks it is time to graze, and he stops, and I hit the end of the lead rope. I tug, he tries to stuff his mouth full, before starting to walk again. I will admit, I have been allowing him to do this, as I figure I can retrain him to not stop and grab bites when I am leading him at another time. Right now, he needs to eat grass.

So, I decide it is time to walk down to the mailbox. Our driveway is 1/3rd of a mile long, and this is a good little outing to let him see some other sights, eat some different parts of the pasture. I arrive at the mailbox, and look inside, and along with his bill from the vet (ouch) I see a pretty blue envelope. it is addressed to HANK. Well look at this Hankie, you've got mail!!! We head back to his stall, and I help him open up his card. It is a Get well card from some of his Oklahoma friends he has shared the trail with at one time or another. While I had to read it to him, he did want to check it out for himself. He is happy to know he has friends thinking of him.

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