Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rain, beautiful rain

Well, I am kind of just chugging along with Hank. We still do hand grazing, and have been slowly adding a little more hay at a time to his diet. I will admit, I am very paranoid about him getting too large of a meal, and having things not digest well. Those first two colic's, had him get sick again about 9 days after the previous colic. It was about the time I had increased his meal size. While I understand that he was getting sick because he had things tangled up inside, and the food could not pass through as fast as it came in, and that we fixed that issue with the surgery, it is still worrisome to me about him colicing again. I know those thoughts will ease as I see him doing better and better, and the surgery further behind us, but still hard not to fret a bit.

Late Monday afternoon, we started getting some sprinkles, that turned in to almost 1/2" of much needed rain. Then I woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of a lot more rain. Nice, steady, soaking rain. Hank needed some grazing, so I put on a lightweight waterproof blanket on him, to keep bandage dry, and put him in the grass turn out for about an hour. The other horses ate nearby, unfazed by the rainfall. It was nice to have some temps drop down into the 60's for awhile.

Hubby got home from working the Greenbay Monday Night Football game, and he helped me change the bandage. A tiny bit of drainage near the end of the incision, and maybe a tiny bit swollen, but after reading up on it, I am guessing everything is fine and normal. Hank was very good as the sticky wrap tugged on that soft skin near his flanks when I removed some of the old wrap. Imagine the worse bandaid stuck in underarm hair. lol OUCH!

Hurricane Ike is heading to Texas, and we might actually get some rain from it up our way by the weekend. while I really want the rain, I'd like a few more days of that hot weather, to let the pasture grow a bit more before Fall sets in, and things slow in growth. Also, one never knows if the hurricane can bring in tornadoes and flooding. That I do not want to think about. At least Hank does have a dry place to stay.

No photos today. I forgot. But, wanted to get an update out there for Hanks fan club. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers for us.

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