Monday, September 1, 2008


I take him out for a quick graze in the field. He is ravenous. Can't grab bites fast enough. I feel bad we have to limit the grazing for awhile, but that will get his GI tract back to shape and working gradually, without any huge meals. The others follow him for a bit, and have to sniff his bandage. Interesting to see them follow him and check him out. He must have had some unusual smells.

He can not have any hay for a week, so I will be grounded for awhile until he does not get the light grazing every 2-3 hours. . It really is nice to have my horse with me to be able to graze him. Tonight after the sun set we walk along in the darkness as he grazes, and I look up at the stars in the sky, feeling blessed to have his surgery go well, and to have had the best vet care available to us. Hank and I were in many prayers over the past few days, and I am blessed to have so many people keep us in their thoughts.

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