Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Doing the limbo

Hanks fan club is requesting an update, and I will admit I have been a slacker on his blog for a bit. But, that is only because we have little to report again. He is in that limbo stage. He has this week left on “lock down” before he can get turned out in the big pasture with the rest of the horses, and all that yummy grass! He is spending his time in the ½ acre field by the barn, eating mass amounts of hay, and a couple beet pulp mashes each day. His weight tape is telling me he has gained about 40 pounds in a week. The weight is mostly low, more like a hay belly, as he has not had any work since July, when he started in his colic journey. Thankfully he was in pretty peek physical shape when he started all this, as we had been conditioning for the 5 day / 250 mile endurance ride. His winter coat is just starting to come in, but I noticed that where the bandage tape stuck, and pulled out hairs, they are not growing in yet, but the shaved areas are starting to grow. Hopefully he will not have bald spots all winter!

I have noticed that he has some excessively loud gut sounds at times, that sound like thunder. I mentioned it to the vet tech today when I dropped off a thank you basket for taking such great care of Hank. She is to talk to the vet, and call me if it is anything to be concerned over. But I am guessing he is still shifting all his stuff inside around, and getting it back into place after surgery. Amazing it has only been 3 weeks since the surgery when I watch him. I had him in the yard this evening, and I called him, to be caught, and put back in his field. He can trotting over, nickering at me, and circled around me, and dropped his head in the halter as I held it open. Wish he would do that every time he is to be caught, especially out in the 25 acre field!

His other interesting habit is, as he eats his beet pulp mash, he will eat a bit, then turn and walk to the salt block in the red bucket (pictured in previous blog) and lick on it awhile, getting wet, goopy mash all over it, then turn, and go back to the mash, then salt, then mash. I figure his body is telling him what he needs. And, I am glad to seeing him eat with such enthusiasm.

I will have much more to report I am sure, after he heads back in the pasture this weekend. I know the extra movement will be good for him, although he moves around quiet a bit in the little field, even trotting some. When I see him trot a bit, sunshine on his coat, ears up, looking content, it sure makes my heart feel good that the vet staff at Lonestar Park Equine was able to fix him. I look forward to being able to be on him again, and tell him “Trot on Hank, trot on!”

I was not able to download any photos yet this week, so this is from 2004, at a NATRC ride. He always looks good in photos.

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Ice Pony Goddess said...

Ho Jonni...glad to hear that Hank is on the mend. Please give him a kiss and carrot from us. Reiki sent! {{{HUGS}}}

Raven and the Crew